Clean Kalle

A third generation family business

Clean Kalle is a third generation family business with roots as far back as 1952. Since then the services offered have expanded from just laundry to complete solutions combining both cleaning and laundry. Today the company has evolved to a modern service oriented business with over 45 employees who provide customers in Länsi-Uusimaa and the cosmopolitan area with high quality cleaning and laundry services.

The laundry business started in Helsinki

The summer of 1952 was not just the year the Olympics took over Helsinki, but also the year that Doris Moliis-Mellberg founded Töölön Pesula in Brunakärr, Helsinki. After 10 years she moved the company and her family to Tenhola, where she took over Tenala Tvätteri from Robert Müser. The business further evolved to incorporate the whole of Western Uusimaa, Kauniainen, Espoo and Helsinki.

The first cleaning company in the South West of Finland

The next generation, Doris´s son Kalle Lindström, founded a cleaning company in 1967. The company was the first of its kind as it offered external cleaning services instead of in-house cleaning ladies that was the norm at the time. 15 years later, Kalle bought the laundry from his mother when she went into retirement and continued to run the company together with his wife Karin. At the same time Kalle and Karin moved the laundry to new, bigger and more modern facilities in the centre of Tenhola, which increased the capacity considerably.

Clean Kalle is born

Both companies expanded during the following years. Städ-Kalle opened a new shop on Gustav Wasas street 3 in the middle of Tammisaari and Tenala Tvätt bought Karis kemtvätt on Central street in Karjaa. After this rapid expansion Tenala Tvätt and Städ-Kalle merged to become Clean Kalle, a modern service business. 

Soon Clean Kalle continued to expand, and in the end of the 80s Clean Kalle had opened dry-cleaners on Lauttasaari and in the centre of Helsinki.

The laundry and cleaning network today

The third generation, Kalles son Jonas, took over the company in 2001 and continued to expand the business further. In 2018 Clean Kalle bought the bankruptcy estate of Eketvätt on the Ekåsen grounds in Tammisaari and thereby moved both the main laundry and headquarters to Tammisaari. In the new facilities, capacity expanded threefold and today Clean Kalle can offer laundry and rental of linens to even the largest customers in the hotel business and the public sector. 

Over the course of the company’s long history, the business has grown and developed and today it provides its services across the whole cosmopolitan area, Kirkkonummi, Lohja, Inkoo, Raasepori, Hanko and Salo.

Today, Jonas´ daughters Frida and Paulina Lindström are actively involved in the running of the company, and thus is the forth generation Lindröm to govern Clean Kalle since the 50s.

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