Laundry services for all your needs in Uusimaa

We offer laundry services for businesses, associations and individuals in Länsi-Uusimaa and the cosmopolitan area. We aim at meeting all needs our customers can require, and our professional staff make sure all kinds of laundry is clean and fresh.

Laundry services
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Clean Kalle has been in the laundry business for soon to be 70 years. During our long history we have specialized in laundry for individuals and businesses, but we also have over 40  years of experience with dry cleaning. In addition to laundry and dry cleaning we also offer washing of carpets and leather garments. 

Through an extensive network of dry cleaners, service points and partners we are operational in Länsi-Uusimaa and the cosmopolitan area, from Hanko to Helsinki. We offer our services to a variety of customers like hotels, businesses, restaurants and municipalities, and of course also to individuals and households. 

High quality is the main criterion that guides our daily work. We always follow the relevant washing instructions to guarantee a clean and fresh result. 

Why Clean Kalle?


High quality is the foundation of our business. In order to reach the very best result, we use specific methods and washing programs for different types of laundry.

Experienced staff

We have been in the laundry business for almost 70 years, and our staff has a vast expertise regarding different washing and stain removing techniques, ironing and various materials, all in order to reach a clean and perfect result.


We always aim at meeting every customer's specific needs. We deliver laundry to our customers in Western Uusimaa and the cosmopolitan area, and we also offer a combination of our cleaning and laundry services to fill all our customers' cleaning needs.

Learn more about our laundry services

The best results require the right washing method. Here you can read more about our washing techniques.

  • Laundry

    Traditional water laundry is the most common method for cleaning bedding, tablecloths, curtains and clothes. We use effective and water-saving techniques in order to keep down the energy consumption. The detergents we use are of top quality and specialized for every type of material.

  • Hydrocarbon dry cleaning

    Clean Kalle is one of few laundries that use hydrocarbon machines for dry cleaning. Liquid hydrocarbon is used in a closed system, which makes the residue water more environmentally friendly. The machine and its use is therefore an investment in the environment.

  • Carpet cleaning

    Our Salo- based subcontractor Salon Mattopesupojat washes all carpets that cannot be washed in our washing machines.

  • Dry-cleaning

    Dry-cleaning is a gentle method that suits delicate garments and materials. The method also effectively removes resin, oils and candle-grease for example.

  • Wetclean

    Wetclean is a water based method using emulsifying detergents. It is a new technique that can replace traditional dry-cleaning. The detergents and machines used for Wetclean benefit from the good properties of water while eliminating the bad. The method suits garments that can withstand being washed in water, like knitwear and silk garments, but also for example suits that are especially dirty.

  • Washing of leather

    Our subcontractor Nahkahuolto in Helsinki washes all kinds of leather.

Frequently asked Questions

Clothes and textiles with the following symbol should be dry cleaned:

This symbol means that dry cleaning is not suitable for the garment or textile:

For washing of fragile materials the customer is required to give their permission in order for us to wash it. Thereafter it is washed as carefully as possible and ironed by hand.

Our subcontractor Salon Mattopesupojat washes all kinds of tents and tarps. 

The laundry is packaged according to the customers preferences in either recycled laundry bags or in plastic. In order to minimize the use of plastic we recommend our customers to use the laundry bags, which the customer can reuse next time they take their laundry to us!