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With almost 70-years of experience, Clean Kalle is a well-known name in the cleaning and laundry sector in Länsi-Uusimaa and the cosmopolitan area. We offer our customers complete solutions for all their cleaning and laundry needs. Precision and flexibility is the guiding light in our operation and our goal is to offer our customers all sanitary services from the same place- from Clean Kalle.

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When you need professional laundry or cleaning services, do not hesitate to contact us for an offer.

Almost 70 years of experience

We have been cleaning everything from bed linens to workshop overalls for almost 70 years.

Our modern laundry facilities in Tammisaari are equipped to handle large volumes of laundry and we have dry-cleaners in Tammisaari, Kirkkonummi, Ullanlinna and Lauttasaari.

Sustainability is key and we use modern and water-efficient processes to lessen our impact on the environment.

Cleaning runs smoothly when done by a professional

Flexibility, experience and professionalism equals high quality services.

We offer custom-made cleaning services for individuals, companies, housing cooperatives and associations.

Our staff are trained in the latest methods and we use top tier products from the leading brands in the industry.

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Cleaning and laundry services in Uusimaa


We offer private individuals a variety of services, everything from home cleaning and window washing to dry-cleaning and laundry services, that can all be combined to make the customer's life easier. Other services include project based cleaning such as spring-, and deep-cleaning, at home or at the summer cottage.


Maintenance cleaning, project based cleaning, textile-rental and laundry services; these are some of the services we offer our customers in the business sector all over Länsi-Uusimaa and the cosmopolitan area.

Associations and the public sector

We offer cleaning and laundry services to the public sector and associations. We have experience of large cleaning projects as well as laundry and cleaning for representation complexes and camp sites.