Our clean pleasure

After over 50 years in business, Clean Kalle is a well known name in the cleaning community in Länsi-Uusimaa and the cosmopolitan area. We offer complete cleaning solutions for both individuals and businesses.

Cleaning runs smoothly when done by a professional

With 50 years of experience, Clean Kalle is an established presence in the cleaning community in Länsi-Uusimaa and the metropolitan area. We offer complete cleaning solutions for both individuals and businesses. We have a long background in industrial and office landscape cleaning, cleaning of stairwells and large cleaning projects, but we also perform window cleanings and other forms of cleaning work for individual households.

Our competent staff use effective and advanced techniques in order to reach the best results. Supplies and cleaning agents are sourced from the leading suppliers in the field. 

We offer all our clients complete solutions for all ther cleaning and laundry needs. Everything is possible so do not hesitate to tell us your cleaning needs and we will set up a plan and an offer for our services.

You can get more information about any of our services from our Costumer Service team:
tel. 019 264 6600, cleankalle(a)cleankalle.fi

Industrial cleaning

A clean work environment is key to productivity, motivation and well-being. When tasked with the cleaning of production facilities and warehouses we work effectively to ensure the best results, without disturbing the production. We also keep your representation localities presentable for your customers and visitors.

General cleaning

Are you throwing a party, about to move or just want a thorough spring cleaning? We are at your service! General cleaning usually includes a deep clean of all surfaces, dusting, wiping of floors and vacuuming, as well as cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens. Cleaning of roofs is not included.

Floor care and maintenance

A well maintained floor does not just look good, it is also protected against wear and tear and makes the floor easier to clean. Different materials require different levels of upkeep and we offer our customers finish and care for a variety of floor materials, e.g. wood, plastic and stone flooring in for example offices, stores, restaurants, retirement homes and industrial properties.

Home cleaning

Our home cleaning services make sure that your home is clean and hygienic while also being a nice, safe and healthy place to live. It is also possible to combine our cleaning services with our laundry, and get clean laundry delivered to your home when it is cleaned.

Office landscape cleaning

Cleaning of office landscapes aims at keeping the work environment pleasant and maintaining the condition of the premises. Cleaning is adapted to suit the use and design of the space.

Window Cleaning

Clean windows require the right method, detergent and professional execution. We have the equipment and expertise needed and our team can clean even the most unreachable windows with the help of lifts and telescopic tools that clean with ultra-clean water.

Store cleaning

We offer our customers regular cleaning storefronts of all shapes and sizes. Different types of merchandise have different requirements on the cleaning, and we always go through specific needs with each client.

Frequently asked Questions

No, that is not necessary. Our cleaning professional brings all supplies they need, including ladders and vacuums. We use products from the leading brands in the industry. If you prefer that we use your cleaning supplies, we will of course also do that.

  • Combining laundry and cleaning is as natural as butter on toast. Our customers can enjoy a clean home and clean laundry at the same time. The cleaning professional takes the dirty laundry (sheets, table cloths, shirts etc.) away when they have finished cleaning, and brings the clean laundry back next time. If you wish, the cleaning professional can make the bed with fresh sheets, or the laundry is left in an assigned spot. 
  • Window cleaning and washing of drapes goes hand in hand. When we clean your windows, we can bring the drapes for washing and bring them back a week later.